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When will the new stories appear?

Our goal is to issue at least one fairy tale within two months, but we not always succeed in this since we have a lot of other work. In any case we always draw fairy tales so they appear in our application sooner or later. You can see the style of future fairy tales in the last book where it says “New stories are on the way”.

Why there is no music?

Check if silent mode is turned on. It is the most frequent reason for this problem.

I was deducted more money than the price label shows.

We cannot deduct more money than the price label shows because all prices are uploaded from the Apple or the Google servers. A bigger sum can indicate only that your purchases were summed up into one check. Please check if you had bought something else.

I bought a set of books but I don’t know how to download them. What can I do?

There is no “download” button under a set of books. You’ll need to work the carousel backward to the purchased books and press the “download” button there.

Why are the fairy tales not voiced-over in advance?

Because a child’s name in the application can be different. We cannot physically make thousands of variants of voice-over for each fairy tale.

Why don’t you reply to messages?

Most likely our letters get into spam. Please check this folder. Probably, you send your messages using one email and check for the replies in another.

Why do you charge for the fairy tales?

We have to pay salaries to our team of artists and developers. We don’t have sponsors.

How can I contact you?