5 reasons to play audiobooks for your child

5 reasons to play audiobooks for your child

Ребёнок дережит телефон с аудиосказками

Audio stories teach you to concentrate

It’s believed that listening to and understanding audio stories is easier than reading. However, this isn’t the case. Scientists have found that in order to fully understand oral information, one needs to concentrate more than when reading a regular book. Not everyone can fully make sense of information by ear, but it is a critical skill to develop.


In addition to teaching concentration, you can use audiobooks and fairy tales to develop your multitasking, an extremely useful quality in the modern world. You have to agree that this is incredibly convenient: you can play an interesting story, be listening carefully to it and at the same time sculpting or drawing. According to recent research, making a habit of listening to audiobooks increases test results in multi-module training by 21%!

Developing imagination and speech

Traditionally, audio fairy tales help to develop not only children’s imagination, but also their speech. As a rule, audiobooks are recorded by professional actors who use intonation, speech and voice with great skill.

Ease of use

Audiobooks are a great option when it’s not possible to play or read with your child. Many parents include fairy tales or stories on their trips. Of course, this is also much more beneficial than cartoons, so parents can rest easy.

Preparing for independent reading

Before learning to read independently, children have to learn to pronounce all sounds clearly and be able to distinguish in between them. In this regard, audiobooks and fairy tales are absolutely indispensable.

Now it’s their turn

Starting to learn to read with short stories is critical. Reviews from our readers from all around the world confirm that for first stories that children can read on their own, Little Stories’s format (from Diveo Media) is ideal.

The audio stories in our app are completely unique. First, to prepare the fairy tale, you record the words yourself. For there, you can save the recording and create a collection of your own audio fairy tales! Furthermore, you can also use the app to train two skills at once: listening to and visually understanding the text, as well enjoying beautiful illustrations.

When your child is ready, you can help them take on the role of narrator and voice the characters themself (yes, this can also be done using our app), especially since the fairy tale’s valiant hero and your child share the same name.

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